Tucson, AZ

New York City

San Francisco

The Grow with Google Udacity Scholarship Challenge has been an amazing experience for the three members of Project Newbs. It has been a true learning experience and a welcome challenge. To push ourselves further, we embarked on a project. This is the result of our hard work.

This site represents where we are from. It showcases the three cities that we call home. We picked 4 sites for our cities and featured them on the city gallery. When hovered, the images show a description for each city.

To showcase what we've learned, we used CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to create a site that we're proud of. It has animations and styled elements to form what we think is a beautiful site.

The Project Newbs Team

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Aracely Valencia's Profile Picture
Aracely Valencia
Fun Fact: My favorite book series is the House of Night series by P.C & Kristin Cast
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Jon Maldia
Fun Fact: I've lived in 30+ homes and studied in 12+ schools, However, I'm not in the army.
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Karren Zoleta
Fun Fact: I have an obsession with ghost stories! Which is why Halloween is my favourite time of year!