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  • Yoga for You

    be, in the world yoga wants to bring the world of yoga to you. Whether you are after a spiritual journey, an amazing workout, a way to find peace of mind, or all of the above, be, in the world yoga is here for you.

  • Confidence in You

    We want you to love living your life, feel amazing in your skin, and laugh out loud by strengthening your mind, body and soul!

  • A Creative You

    Yoga can help you access your creativity, make you feel balanced, and it can ignite the light within you!

  • Us and You

    So start your yoga journey here, now. Let be, in the world yoga join you on the path to a deeper understanding of this ancient spiritual practice.

  • Be, Part Of
    Our Story.

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Helping you to be, in the world.

Jon Maldia

Jon Maldia

Web Developer | Contributor

Christina Maldia

Owner | Yoga Teacher

Loredana Ingenito

Loredana Ingenito

Writer | Contributor

A regular yoga practice combined with meditation, breathwork and healthy food choices will help strengthen your body, calm your mind and invigorate your spirit. It can help you be more present and bring you awareness of the innate inner joy that we are all born with.

be, in the world yoga’s mission is to help you build a strong healthy yoga practice, cultivate inner peace and meet your inner joy. We aim to break down yoga poses and sequences for you so that you can get started on your own yoga journey. We aim to ignite your creative consciousness through inspirational poetry, blogs, funny yoga videos, and your own personal yoga practice. We aim to help you nourish you with deliciously healthy recipes that will have you saying, pass the carrots please. When you realize inner peace within yourself, then, that peace can be shared with the rest of the world.


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