After 3 months, I did it. I got a scholarship to a Udacity Nanodegree.

It was a long wait today but I was so happy to get this email.



Grow with Google Developer Scholarship

Hi Jon,

You have earned a full 6-month Grow with Google Developer Scholarship to the Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree program!

Out of tens of thousands of students in the Grow with Google Challenge Scholarship, your progress in the course and dedication in the community really stood out. We’ve been impressed and we’re excited for you to continue the journey and grow even stronger as a developer!

In the full Nanodegree program, you’ll build off your earlier coursework, receive support from a personal mentor in your classroom, submit projects for official review and feedback, and earn a Udacity Nanodegree credential upon successful completion of all of your projects.

Class begins April 24, 2018

As a scholarship student, you will be automatically enrolled into the program on April 24 and will be able to access your Nanodegree program directly in your classroom. Your 6-month scholarship will last through October 24, 2018, giving you ample time to complete all of the projects and graduate. We’ve also created a brand new Slack workspace for Nanodegree scholarship recipients so that your classmates and you can continue learning together. Use this invite link to join now!

Per the terms of the scholarship, you have committed to participating regularly in the program and if you have not logged-in and begun learning by May 8, you may lose access to your scholarship.

We will be following up with more details on the Nanodegree program itself on Tuesday, April 24 to let you know once you’ve been formally enrolled.

We can’t wait for you to start and to see what you’ll create this time around!

Warm regards,
Brenda, Kathleen, Kelsey, and Nick

On another note, I continued with my node.js classes from FreeCodeCamp.

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