I got inspired today and re-did my Pixel Art maker for the Grow with Google – Udacity challenge.

I already met all the requirements. However, I got inspired by all the creativity of my classmates.

Here’s the old version.

Here’s a screenshot of Version 2.

The design is inspired by a friend of mine. He has a page that is meant for photo editing. I modeled it basically after that. His name is Kosal Vann and he’s an amazing FE Dev who’s now transitioned to be a Back End Dev.

If you’d like to check out how I created the new project, check out the repo here.


You can also view it live here.


Here’s a list of what’s been added and changed:
– Preset grid sizes
– Color palette
– Clear grid option – this just erases all the colors
– A confirm modal if you want to reset the grid
– A new UI
– Ability to save work as an image

I’m also going to add a way to download your art as an image. I have some code there. I just need to make it work.

I’ll be adding more features as I think of them.

See ya next time.

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