Today’s common theme is learning and mentorship. I watched an AMA live stream about “Struggling to Learn, the Impostor Syndrome,
& Adapting to Change” hosted by the chingu team.

The presenter was Jim Medlock. He is a part of the chingu team and a mentor to all of us.

He talked about a lot of things including

  • how to learn frameworks
  • read documentation
  • his methodology in evaluating what he learns
  • servant leadership
  • impostor syndrome
  • dealing with failure
  • and many more

I highly recommend watching it.

One other thing he discussed is mentorship. He said that finding a good mentor can help you learn things quicker. They will be able to guide you in the right direction and provide you valuable lessons based on their experience. They essentially help you take a short cut through the learning process. You learn the lessons from the mistakes without actually experiencing them.

He also talked about giving back and mentoring yourself. It does not only help your mentee but it also help you solidify your learning. Teaching also equates to learning.

I had the experience of mentoring someone today. One of my group mates from project-newbs needed help with learning git and github. We are using this to collaborate with our project. She is fairly new to programming and have little to no experience with git.

We spent about 2 hours going through cloning, to creating upstreams, to committing and issuing pull requests. It was a great feeling to have helped someone. At the same time, I also learned some stuff.

She has a Windows system and I have a Mac. So, I was not familiar with working on git on a Windows. She was actually using the github app which I was definitely not familiar with. So, right there and then, we both learned how to use the command prompt on windows to use git. Luckily, I still remember some basic command line commands.

The experience was fun. It was educational. And, it was also very fulfilling. Not a lot of coding today but a lot of life lessons learned.

Find a mentor. Be a mentor.

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