A few days ago, I learned about a challenge called #100DaysOfCode. The idea of this challenge is to get you into the habit of coding. You are required to code for at least 1 hour a day and log your experience coding. You need to do this for 100 days straight. You also need to declare to the world that you are part of this challenge and tweet about it everyday.

I didn’t really pay much attention to this when I saw it. I thought it was a great idea. However, I have been coding for 280 days straight. I have learned how to develop habits by employing the Seinfeld Productivity Method. All I need to do is to do something towards my goal every single day without breaking a streak even if it’s just doing that thing for 5 minutes. So far, here are some of the things I have accomplished with this method.

  • Learn Spanish – 210 days
  • Code – 280 days
  • Play the Guitar – 210 days
  • Meditate – 312 days
  • Journal – 83 days

To track my streak, I use an app, appropriately named Streaks. It’s a great app, especially if you are like me who hates breaking streaks. 😉

Anyway, back to #100DaysOfCode.

Today, I came across this challenge again through a blog by one of my cohort-mates at Grow with Google – Udacity Scholarship Challenge. Curiously, I looked into it more and for some reason decided that I would do the challenge. Why you may ask? Well, because. LOL!

The main reason is that I feel that by doing this challenge, there is more accountability through the built in community. I feel that there is much more at stake. I like some pressure.  The pressure of doing 1 hour of code, logging about it everyday, and telling everyone I know (and don’t know) about what I am doing gives me extra motivation.

I have grown a new found love for coding. This is why I have been working hard this year to become a really good programmer. I believe that this challenge will propel me to even greater heights.

So, yes, I accept it. I accept the challenge.

Here’s to 100 Days of Coding!




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